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Six Feet Under :icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Mature content
The Pursuit of Perfection - Chapter One :icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
I miss this.
All those happy days with smiles plastered on our cheeks so wide we thought our face would fall off. The laughs that would be shared when we were running around and one of us would make the mistake of going the wrong way. The goodnight kisses as I would ask to turn on my nightlight, even though I knew you guys would protect me anyways. The cries from scraped knees and elbows, only to be given a Band-Aid, a kiss, and pushes out there to keep going because life is about not giving up.
Not giving up from the pain and burning of those scratches. The little fear we feel when we return to that point of pain, hoping it doesn't happen again. Yet it does and it will, over and over, because you never fully learned your lesson not to move too fast on that place. Crying every time it happened, but pumping yourself on until you finally accomplished getting over what happened there, led by the encouragement of words.
Isn't that the lesson of life we were taught as children? To never give up and to k
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Me~ by girliee159 Me~ :icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Fang and Iggy sat in the living room; the rest of the Flock had left to go do some errands and left these two to watch the house. Fang was playing Mario Cart with his lean back against the bottom of the tan couch. Iggy, however, played Pacman on his Nintendo DS, his feet on Fang's shoulders.
Silence except for the sounds of the games filled the room as the two won and lost at different levels. Finally, after playing for a while, Iggy put down his DS and sprawled out on the couch.
"I'm so bored…" He complained, staring at the ceiling out of boredom and kicked Fang in the head.
"And I don't care." Fang responded, his eyes never leaving the screen. Iggy sighed and moved his head near Fang's, resting his elbows on the edge of it.
"You're mean when you're focusing." Iggy commented, poking Fang on the cheek. Fang let out an irritable grumble but still didn't pay any attention to the blonde. Iggy kept poking his cheek, each time gaining an unpleasant response. The most interesting it got
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Iggy tapped his foot impatiently; waiting for Fang to finally respond to his question. However, after minutes of anxious waiting…he still never answered.
"Fang!" the blonde yelled, kicking his friend in the leg which gained a very grumpy "Damn it!" from the victim.
"I'm thinking, Ig!" He yelled angrily, rubbing his leg lightly. Iggy huffed out a breath, blowing his hair from his face and shrunk back into the couch cushions. Fang rubbed his chin where an invisible beard sat and Iggy rolled his eyes, pegging a brown pillow at his head.
"Just tell me!"
"Stop being so damn abusive!"
Iggy groaned loudly, rubbing his temples in fake migraine. This only gave him a pissed off look from Fang that he happily gave back. Fang thought some more about his response to his close friend.
Did he even have any secrets he kept from Iggy?
Fang didn't think so, but if he told Iggy that, the blonde would continuously bug him about him lying and being scared to tell him.
Which he certainly wasn't.
:icongirliee159:girliee159 1 0
Social Network
James would stay up late every night, using his screen name "ExplosionIggy101" to talk to the one person who could keep him entertained for hours on end. Even when he sent him one word responses, or paragraphs about things he was actually passionate about. Of course, James would do all the talking mostly, but he loved being able to just talk to someone each night.
That person would be "FangDarkAngel457."
He couldn't help but smile even just thinking about his name. Here James sat, a fourteen-year-old male swooning over some guy he had never met., Hell, they didn't even know each other's real names. James wouldn't mind knowing "Fang's" real name, but the name "James" is just so… ordinary.
He couldn't help it though; his heart melted whenever he got that little ping on his computer telling him he had a message. And that message was always from "Fang." Sure, sometimes James would start the conversation, but "Fang" was a really busy guy, so he let the other boy start the conversation.
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
A seven-year old Fang ran through the halls of their E shaped house, his breaths shallow and quick. His tiny bare feet padded against the wood floor and his overgrown black hair kept falling into his dark eyes. His black pajama pants kept causing him to stumble on his own feet, making him hit his head on the walls once and a while. Finally he reached his destination and quickly opened the door.
"I-Iggy?" the young Fang whispered shakily, slowly stepping into the room. If it weren't for his enhanced eye sight, he would be tripping over all the things that sprawled over the blonde's floor.
"Mph?" Iggy's croaked out, slowly sitting up and letting the tan blankets fall into his small lap. The seven-year old blonde rubbed his tired, cloudy blue eyes before looking blankly over at Fang.
"I…I had a bad dream…" Fang mumbled, his face burning with embarrassment. Iggy could smile at Fang's blush, but instead he moved over in the bed and patted the spot next to him.
"Come on, you can sl
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Mask (Maximum Ride)
The black eye covering object hid him from the world, hiding the olive skinned angel. His black eyes glistened with the cheap strobe lights that flickered constantly. The six-foot-two seventeen-year old stood alone; leaning with his thin back against the dark purple wall. He watched as everyone danced to the music from the Masquerade; dressed in silly costumes and masks.
Everyone but one single boy who stood alone.
He had strawberry blonde hair that fell to his mid-neck and a very light complexion. White clothes accompanied his thin but built frame, a white mask covering his eyes. But even from this distance, the olive skinned boy could see those beautiful cloudy blue eyes. They had a soft oval curve and long lashes that blinked every once and a while.
He was the complete opposite of the seventeen-year old.
The dark eyed boy had long black hair, falling down to barely brush the top of his shoulders. He had a scrawny figure that surprisingly held its own during fights- which he got
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
DA pictchya by girliee159 DA pictchya :icongirliee159:girliee159 1 0
Mature content
My biggest Challenge. :icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Lady In Green
Lady In Green
Trevor's POV:
"A party? Seriously?" I groaned, rubbing my temples from my encounter with alcohol last night. I would surely get Devin back for that when I felt better...
"Yeah! Remember when we were kids how my folks threw summer parties every year?" Devin chugged his second glass of water.
"Yeah, what bout it?" I looked around the room. We were sitting in Devin's kitchen. The walls were painted a light blue that had begun fading away. His checkered floor was ice cold and his big window had a half closed curtain on it, leaking in bright rays of light. Devin's fridge was covered with pictures that I couldn't quite see since my vision was still blurry.
"Well, I want to do that for Faith and Olive. Carry on the tradition." Olive is Devin's wife for four years now, and Faith was their two and a half year old daughter.
"And when has this been a tradition?" I shut my eyes as the sun in the room got brighter. What time was it anyways?
"My ma always said she wanted me to carry it
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Lady In Green by girliee159 Lady In Green :icongirliee159:girliee159 3 0 Deviantart ID by girliee159 Deviantart ID :icongirliee159:girliee159 0 3
Belle High School S2 C3
2 hours later:
"God, I have the worst headache ever!" Jess complained, rubbing the ice more on her head. We sat in the waiting room of the hospital, waiting for the doctor to tell us about my mom.
"I wonder how, he-he."  I bit my lip and fumbled with my fingers. I still haven't told Jess about anything that happened, nor does she remember any of it. Professor Fin passed out the moment Azula, or I should say my aunt, started to bend. He is now being held in his own room but will be released tomorrow. He doesn't remember anything, which is extremely lucky. Dad has yet to leave the secratery's desk trying to convince her to let him into mom's room. A tall, thin, young looking doctor walked by us. I quickly followed him and grabbed hold of his arm.
"Um! Doctor!" his grey eyes stared at me, "I was wondering how my mother was doing. Katara Magno. My name's Belle Magno and this is my friend Jess Fin. Katara Se Fu is her maidan name. Please!" I felt the tears sting at the back of my
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0
Belle:High School S2 C2
I stared in astonishment at my aunt. I always expected her to be a little weird but this? This I wasn't ready for. I stared at her crazy gold eyes and her crooked smile.
"Belle? W-who's t-that?" Jess grabbed my arm with her hand tightly. I stared at my dad, still holding a protective arm in front of my mom.
"Thats....Um..." It seemed impossible to complete my senetence. I shut my mouth.
"Miss me Zuzu?" Azula mocked cooly, an unhealthy smile covering her face. Her uneven cut bangs hid most of her eyes.
"Azula get out of her before I kick your crazy ass again!" Mom pushed hard against dads arm. Again? When was this?
"Oh. The watertribe peasent? Zuzu married the watertribe peasent?" Azula's manic laugh peirced my ears, and Jess' because her grip got tighter. "Zuzu you really set your expectations low." I wanted to fight her myself but there was nothing I could do, I had nothing I was good at. I only took PE. Suddenly, Azula shot something blue. It was..
"Lightning?!" I gasped. Is that eve
:icongirliee159:girliee159 0 0


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girliee159's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hey, I'm Ashley and I'm usually not around much on here... However! You can check out my Tumblr below and I'm on that pretty much every day.
  • Listening to: Immortals by Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: Unwind by Neil Shusterman
  • Drinking: Water
This is edited from two years ago.

~*About You*~

Name: Ashley Brooke
Birth date: September 15th, 1999
Age: 15
Country of origin: America
Town Born in: Cranston
Race/ancestry: American, British, Irish, Italian, French, and 1% Indian
Religion: Atheist  
Height: 5'1
Eye color: Blue
Hair color and style: Dark red (dyed) and short. (Go look at my picture. I don't know how to really explain it.)
Bra Size(female only): 34C

Explain your username:
Well, I'm a girl, and the 159 came from 9 for September and 15 from the day. I just put it together and at the time I didn't know how to spell 'girly' so that's how it ended up.

Explain your icon:
Spamano (Spain and Romano from Hetalia). I used to be obsessed with Hetalia and those two are my OTP. SO.

How would you describe your personality?
Introverted, awkward, weeaboo trash, mature but childish at the same time? (I'm mature but I enjoy Disney movies and coloring books.) Sometimes a hopeless romantic, self-conscious, easily let down. Pessimist. 

Do you have any physical disabilities/ailments?
My growth plate in my heel is overgrown, but it only acts up when I walk a lot like at amusement parks.

Are you the first, middle, last, or only child? And who are your siblings?
Last child, and I have an older sister named Haley.

How many cousins do you have? Big family?
Lets see; on my mother's side I have Sydney, Jen, Gianna, Sophia, and George. Then on my dad's I have Jake, Joe Jr. (I don't care if he is deceased, he will be forever be my cousin.), Nicole, Jillian. Lets just say a whole hell of a lot.

Do you WANT to have children? If so how many?
I'm not sure, honestly. Sometimes I debate it and sometimes I just rather stick to cats.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?
Teacher and musician. 

What is your dream job now?
Writer and clinical psychologist. 

What are your current responsibilities?
School, laundry, and my pretty much my entire house being clean. I'm the only productive member of my family.

Do you like Meat?
Yes, but I don't like beef or certain kinds of steak.

What do you usually eat for Breakfast?
Cereal or most of the time I don't really eat breakfast.

What is your favorite dinner meal?
Meatloaf most likely. (I don't think it's really changed...)

What cuisines do you like best?

What foods do you HATE?
Beans, sushi, seafood, asparagus, tomatoes, etc. (Put etc. because she cant think of anything else.)

Do you like any 'freaky' food combinations?
Freaky food combinations? Does hot dogs and ramen count?


What is your general fashion style? (eg: punk, glam, sporty, girly etc)
Just...comfortable? Some people call me scene because most of the time I wear graphic tees and jeans, but I don't really see myself as scene.

What item of clothing do you wear the most?
Big sweatshirts. Especially around this time of year.

Pants or skirts/dresses?
Jeans. Every day. For as long as I live.

How much of your skin do you like to show/cover up?
I rarely show a lot of skin. I stopped showing my arms or my legs, so the most I show is if I wear a tank top with something over it and it moves down.

What items of jewelery do you wear most?
My necklace with my grandfather's picture in it, a key, and a ring I used to wear when I was younger. I always usually wear black stud earrings, sometimes wing earrings.

~* Life Style*~

What time do you usually wake up?
5:30/6:00am on work days on on weekends it varies from anywhere between 5:30 to 8.

How often do you bathe/shower?
Every other day, mostly. 

How many pets have you had in your life? (not including farm animals/live-stock)
10 cats, 1 guinea pig, 1 dog, and like, 100 fish. (0 fish now, 5 cats, 1 guinea pig, and my dog.)

How many houses have you lived in?
Two; Cranston and Coventry.

~*Your Favorite-?*~
Season: Autumn. Halloween, foliage, comfortable weather, leaf piles.
Sweet/treat: Lollipops or Gobstoppers. I don't eat a lot of sweets.
Sport: Soccer, even though I could never play it >.<
Shop: Savers because they have some seriously nice clothing for like, three dollars. 
Style of music: Punk Pop
Favourite TV shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Degrassi, Drake and Josh. Pretty much any shows that I watched when I was younger are still good now.
Favourite Animes: Pandora Hearts, Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Beyond the Boundary.
Favourite Books: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Divergent trilogy. 

~*Ideals in the Opposite Sex*~

Height: Taller.
Body shape: It doesn't really matter to me.
Hair color/style: Preferably brown.
Style: Once again, I don't really care.

~*what's the last -*~
Time you laughed: Yesterday
Cried: Last Thursday
The last person you talked to: Kathryn.
Person to call you: My nana.
Person you told them you loved: My mom.
Food you've eaten: Ramen. It was kinda crappy.
Book you've read: Unwind by Neil Shusterman. Good book, bros.
Shop you entered: Hot Topic. I bought Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco shirts.
Thing you watched on TV: Ghost Adventures.
Thing you drew: Otonashi from Angel Beats.

~*Can You-*~
Do a handstand: Yeah, I'm less likely to fall on my face if I'm doing it in the pool.
Raise one eyebrow and not the other: Barely, not really.
Dance: Like an obnoxious, dying person? Hell yeah.
Sing: I'm not sure, but it sounds kinda good to me sometimes.
Whistle: Yeah, I'm decent.
Cook: Yeah, the last thing I made were cookies and everyone said they were awesome!
Put together DIY boxed furniture: Not really? (Still doesn't know what DIY is.)
Use Power tools: Not really, I keep feeling like I'm going to hurt myself with it by accident.
Write a Resume: Fuck, lazy.
Rollerblade: If I want to get a concussion, sure.
Skateboard: Oh yeah, totally. *stands on Skateboard and falls on face*
Surf: *shakes head*
Navigate: Sometimes I can't tell the difference between right and left...
Survive in the Wild: Probably not...
Survive without your cell phone: Calling, yeah, texting is hard but I'll live if I have my laptop.
Survive without your internet: Okay, yeah no.


What are you wearing right now?
A white tank top, pajama pants, and a big Northface jacket. (It isn't even mine, I just found it in the laundry and decided to steal it for warmth.)

How do you feel right now?
Neutral, kinda chilly and really full.

Did you brush your teeth today ?




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